Thursday, May 25, 2006

Up to 16 Members

I just surfed the ring. We have 16 members. A small, elite crowd I guess!

Remember, if you want to join, you must have the proper code pasted on your blog to move from the queue to membership! Questions? Just ask!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Home of all SABLE knitters

Welcome to the Sisterhood of SABLE!

To join the webring click here!
It should take you to the RingSurf page where you can sign up for the Sisterhood of SABLE webring.

You will need to paste the appropriate code into your blog to become part of the ring. I will verify that this is done before I add you to the ring. I'm still learning all this, so be patient!

Please update your blog at least once a month. No one likes to surf a stale ring. Weekly is better. If you will be away from your blog for an extended time, please leave a brief note with an estimated date when you'll return. Inactive blogs will be removed from the ring.

Wonderful Zib made us a button. It's on the sidebar. Remember, put it on your own server space. More buttons welcome.